Our story

Here at MOD. TO MEASURE we have a passion for individuality.

Our journey begins in 20th century Ghana. Ntoma, or what is known as "wax print" is a firm part of Ghanaian fashion and culture. From heading to the farm to special occasions, it's a mainstay in all wardrobes. Tailor-made garments are the norm with bright colours and patterns lighting up the streets.

Fast forward to 21st century Britain and the wardrobe is a standard pair of jeans and a T-shirt (or jumper depending on the season), nothing to contrast with the grey skies. You think of a tailor and that paints the picture of city workers, Saville Row, and £££. We wanted to be able to express a love of African heritage through fashion without having to travel 6000 miles - MOD. TO MEASURE was born. 

MOD. TO MEASURE is your injection of casual colour and culture, allowing you choose the cut, colour, fit and size of your garments. Enter your measurements to ensure a fit that is just for you. Made On Demand.

Each season run of fabrics is available for a limited time only – once they’re gone, they’re gone. All garments are manufactured at our hub in Accra, Ghana, by the finest artisans with decades of experience.

We would love to see you wearing your piece - tag us on social media #MODLoves